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Paula's Story

Through Paula’s own trauma in her personal life, she has discovered many techniques on working through the emotions that trauma brings including, "Blame, Shame, Guilt, anger and Grief."


Paula’s biggest learning through her traumas was to understand the stages of emotions and to move through them all, by feelings them, learning from them and then letting them go.

This is been a lengthy process as she has had to go through the grief of letting go of what she thought she would have in life.

Through moving through these many stages she is now supporting others move through their own trauma’s, through Healing and coaching.

One of the biggest learnings she had was to let go of being the victim and know she is a thriver and survivor of her circumstance.

Her passion and drive are to support her clients on all levels of their being. Through healing the one mind, the one body and one Soul.

Paula loves to spend quality time with her husband and her three boys going for walks in nature and exploring the country side and long walks along the beach.

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My Approach

"Paula Darch started Intuitive healing and psychic mediumship professionally in 2012 after completing her Reiki Training and becoming a reiki master in 2013.

Her passion for healing and supporting people through transformation on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level continued as she finished her career as a special needs support worker in the education department specializing in Autism.

Her desire to support people in these areas guided her to become a Hypnotherapist, NLP coach and Time Line Therapist.

Paula found with all these skills combined she leads her clients to a much deeper connection within themselves by releasing old patterns of negative emotions and beliefs. She then continued to complete her master practitioner certificate in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time line Therapy in 2014 which is where she really connected to her purpose to become a Transformational Healer and Emotional Release Coach.

Paula has been facilitating meditation and mindfulness groups for the past 5 years.

Guiding people through stress release, anxiety release and deep muscle relaxation.

Whilst connecting them to their bodies and mind through visualization.

Paula uses all of these modalities and her connection to spirit by channeling the energy and guidance to take her clients on a transformational journey to discover themselves and heal the mind and body together."

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