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The challenges of child hood trauma and the effects long term

There are so many types of Trauma that we don't think about.

Each Trauma has an impact on the mind, body and soul.

Childhood trauma impacts the mental and emotional state by locking the trauma into the subconscious mind.

This has an impact on the way children learn as they are in constant Fight of flight response.

Children can not learn efficiently when in a Trauma state.

These children are often labeled with ADD, and ADHD for the lack of ability to sit still and pay attention.

This often is not the case. They are overly aware of their surrounds and noises which can put them deeper in Fight and Flight

If Trauma is not resolved and supported and released from the body, this can create an unease awareness as they go into adulthood.

Unhealed trauma can look like this

What if we can resolve the trauma as a child, can you imagine what the outcome would be?

Less likely to be addicted to drugs and alcohol

More likely to form positive relationships

Having confidence is decision making

Feeling worthy

feeling loved

At the Heart Centre Academy of Healing, Paula supports your child and family through the stages of Trauma.

Healing the trauma is so important. Leaving it unhealed creates a disharmony in the mind and body.

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