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What does Trauma in Kids look like?

Childhood trauma is so often misdiagnosed as ADD, ADHD and Autism. The behaviour of children that have been through trauma, can mimic those of other disorders.

Too often children don't feel SAFE to speak up.

They will get into trouble, they wont be heard.

Behaviour is the first thing that will be the problem, which is why its so often diagnosed as a behaviour issue.

This is one of the first things I noticed in my son. His behaviour, He was so angry and outbursts of behaviour.

All these kids need is to be Heard, to feel they can speak and be listened too.

They need to know that it's ok to speak up.

To have a voice that has often been taken away.

Through my years of being a mum of a child that was abused and now a Trauma Healer and Coach. I have the tools to support Kids through Trauma.

This time for the parents is very difficult too.

I know too well what the feeling feels like, which is why I opened a Healing Academy in 2019.

To support families through Trauma

I have a lovely homely Healing Academy in Mawson Lakes.

A safe Haven for families to attend sessions of Healing and Emotional Release therapies

Please Contact me Paula on 0400668075

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